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IMG_2111Hello, I’m Mitchell Bennis, please call me Mitch.

I work under the name, Element Engage, in a small office within the my rural Minnesota home. I’m a freelance web guru who also enjoys graphics and video.

The name, Element Engage, came from the idea of being able to bring all of the elements from main media types and engage them together with one service. From writing and video and imagery to the web and social and to all digital media, my goal is to bring it all together into a stream of success for your business.

My wife of 27 years and I have two sons, both in their 20s now. Besides technology, I love the Outdoors, especially ice fishing, my Mustang GT, and remodeling projects around the house and property.

I have enjoyed and worked in this field for most of my life. As you learn about my work, you’ll see that I do a lot of it in this industry as well.

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