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How to Design Your Email Address

The look and feel of your main business email address is an important choice. I say main because most people who use email a lot have more than one email address. Your main address is the one you communicate with your important clients or customers with. It’s the one everyone knows you by. It’ll often be printed on a business card and listed in other made-for-human places to be read. A strangely formatted address makes it hard to remember and increases the likelihood of typos tremendously. Take some time to plan your address well.

Email Address Parts

An email address is made up of 3 main parts: email name at email host. The first part is generally your choice, if not given to you by a superior. The second part is the simple @ symbol, which connects your email name to your email host server. This part can be your home ISP’s name such as or your company’s name, or your own web address. The latter is required if you want to design your own complete email address. Besides the standard letters and numbers, dots, dashes, plus signs, and underscores are allowed in your email name, but that is all you can use safely. Also, case does not matter with email addresses. You can use caps or lower case interchangeably. No spaces are allowed in an email address.

Good Email Address Format Choices

Since there can be only one email name per email host, you’ll want to think about how to design your email address. If there will be many people on the same host, it’s often wise to go with a more extended naming convention, such as [email protected]. If the group is small, a simple [email protected] will do. The shorter the better, but avoid being cryptic.

Email Hosting

There are a multitude of email hosting providers out there. If you don’t care about the email host name, then you can use a free webmail service, such as Gmail or Hotmail, or your ISP’s email service. However, if you want to customize your email address design completely, then you’ll need to get a domain name and email hosting account using this name. I use GoDaddy for this almost exclusively now because they make this such an easy process. You can order the domain name and email hosting at the same time, maintain both from the same account and add more domains and email addresses as needed. They even offer very competitively priced hosting for your website. And best of all, their service is second to none. If you want to get started designing your own email address, click onto and start today!

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