How to Publish a WordPress Plugin Using Subversion (SVN)

Dealing with WordPress’ Subversion (SVN) system for publishing plugins is, let’s just say, less than user friendly. Why can’t I just upload a zip file? Anyway, figuring out the command line stuff can be no fun at first. So I hope the 8-step snippet below will help you get a jump start on WordPress SVN plugin publishing and make your first publication a smooth deployment.


Steps to SVN-ify Your WordPress Plugin

1) Navigate to your local WordPress plugin repository…

Get to a command prompt and navigate to your plugin’s folder.

cd Distribution/Simple-File-List/wp-ee-simple-file-list


2) Update the local WordPress plugin Repo…

svn up


3) Back up a bit…

cd ../


4) Check Out…

svn co wp-ee-simple-file-list


5) Analyze (Optional)

Get Status of Repo

svn stat

See Differences

svn diff


6) Add New Plugin Files (if applicable)

svn add trunk/*  (or a filename)


7) Tag the New WordPress Plugin Version…

svn cp trunk tags/1.2.3


8) Check In Your Changes to the Plugin…

svn ci -m “Simple File List 2 – Major Release”


That is it! Your changes are available instantly.

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