What I Do

WordPress Web Design and Development

I love WordPress. I took to it early-on (after losing much hair with Joomla), and I still love developing within this platform. The future of WordPress and PHP remain bright and a solid choice for almost any website. By striking the perfect balance between do-it-yourself control and a fully-professional appearing website, WordPress is, by far, the most flexible and affordable professional website solution today.

I can help your business achieve greatness on the web by giving you:

  • An attractive graphic user interface using the latest HTML/CSS web technologies. Each site is custom suited to your taste and requirements, while ensuring search engine friendliness and mobile device accessibility. An extra professional touch with video or attractive animation.
  • I use eye-catching elements that bring the pages to life with jQuery/JavaScript and HTML5 technologies.
  • Both beautiful and responsive websites using the popular platform WordPress, a custom PHP / MySQL website, or a combination of the two.
  • Search engine optimization from the start. From the page title to the fine print, each piece makes an impact.
  • Trusted e-commerce solutions for marketing products and services on-line and collecting the sales revenue on the spot.

WordPress Website Management

Whether I’ve just built your new website or you have an existing website that simply needs management, I can be your friend for the long haul:

  • I’ll be there for you with continuing service. I’m just an email away for prompt site content changes, upgrades and technical support.
  • I provide fully managed low-cost website hosting, including email, backups and website traffic reports sent to your inbox.
  • I monitor site up-time, performance and maintain software versions.
  • I check search engine rankings and adjust site SEO as requested.
  • I keep you in the know when it comes to news and events that effect your web presence.

Managed Website & Email Hosting

If you’re not the technical type, fully managed hosting allows you to have a web site, and all that goes with it, without having to worry about setting email accounts up properly, maintaining backups or getting traffic reports. I do that for you.

All web hosting runs on high performance Linux web servers located in major data centers in the United States. On top of this solid system runs two of the most popular technologies available; PHP, a common scripting language, and MySQL, a popular database platform. My full service web hosting plans are also very affordable, starting at just $9 per month. To learn more, just start a conversation with me.

WordPress Expertise

I love the flexibility of WordPress. I can make it do just about anything you like.

  • WordPress website deployment expert
  • Published WordPress plugin developer
  • WordPress theme developer

Video Editing and Production

Editing is all about timing and rhythm. I seem to have a knack for it.

  • 15+ years of editing experience
  • Advanced Final Cut Pro skills
  • Expert at video-for-web compression

Graphic Design & Motion Graphics

Graphic design is an essential skill, used in most other areas to make my work shine.

  • Advanced Photoshop and Illustrator skills
  • Print and web ad designs
  • Logos, brochures and business cards

Copy Writing

Compelling and efficient copy is becoming more and more important to getting the attention of today’s fast-paced audience. I have the skills to convert basic outlines and notes into full-bodied, engaging and search optimized content.

  • Website copy
  • Advertisements
  • Product manuals
  • Service manuals
  • Social media

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