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Installing Final Cut Studio 5.1 on Newer Rosetta-less Intel Macs

Can’t Install¬†Final Cut Studio 5.1 on OSX Mavericks, Mountain Lion, or Lion?

Mac-Installer-PackageHope this quick post helps somebody. Because the newer Intel Macs no longer have Rosetta installed (a program used to run older PowerPC apps), you cannot install Final Cut Studio 5.1 using the normal installation method because the installer is a PowerPC application and is no longer supported. FCP will run fine on your Intel Mac, but the installer will not. To get around this, use Terminal to install the suite from the command line.

*Be sure you have a good current backup. This process requires some risk. Also, be sure you know the admin password for your Mac.

  1. Open Terminal by going to Applications > Utilities > Terminal
  2. In the Terminal box, type cd /, which means change directory to the root. This makes sure you are at the top level of the directories.
  3. Now type ls. This will return a list of the directories. Make sure you see the one called Volumes.
  4. Now put in your first Final Cut Studio 5.1 disc, this should be Final Cut Pro.
  5. Copy and paste the first command in the list below into the Terminal box at the prompt.
  6. Terminal will now ask you for your password. Type it in and hit return.
  7. You should hear the DVD drive spin up and the installer will begin. Let it go until Terminal prompts you that the process is complete. If you’re quick with the disc switching, you may not have top run the next command.
  8. Put the next disc in and run the next command. Rinse and repeat.

Final Cut Studio 5.1 Terminal Installation Command List

Disc 1) sudo installer -package /Volumes/Final Cut Studio/Installer/Final Cut Studio.mpkg -target /

Disc 2 ) sudo installer -package /Volumes/Live Type Media 1/Installer/LiveTypeMedia1.mpkg -target /

Disc 3) sudo installer -package /Volumes/Apple Loops for Soundtrack Pro/Installer/AppleLoopsforSoundtrackPro.mpkg -target /

Disc 4a) sudo installer -package /Volumes/DVD Studio Pro.mpkg/Installer/DVDStudioPro4.mpkg -target /
Disc 4b) sudo installer -package /Volumes/DVD Studio Pro.mpkg/Installer/DSPContent.mpkg -target /

Disc 5) sudo installer -package /Volumes/Live Type Media 2/Installer/LiveTypeMedia2A.pkg -target /

Disc 6a) sudo installer -package /Volumes/Motion/Installer/Motion.mpkg -target /
Disc 6b) sudo installer -package /Volumes/Motion/Installer/MotionContent.mpkg -target /
Disc 6c) sudo installer -package /Volumes/Motion/Extras/Motion HD Templates.pkg -target /

Disc 7) sudo installer -package /Volumes/Soundtrack Pro/Installer/SoundtrackPro.mpkg -target /

Have a Different Version?

This process will work for other FCP and OSX versions too, but some changes may be needed to the Volume name and installer file package names.

sudo installer -package /Volumes/ … Volume Name … /Installer/ … Installer Package Name … .mpkg -target /


Hopefully, this little bit of info will make someones day.


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