What to Do When Your Webmail Gets Hacked

This week I’ve been helping out a friend who had his Yahoo email account hacked. They managed to get into his account and proceeded to start sending garbage to all of his contacts. It didn’t take long for these contacts to start complaining. Hey, why are you sending me this crap?. Getting hacked is not a pleasant experience. The feeling of being violated and helpless to do anything about it is no fun. I’m seeing this more and more with other services like Gmail and Hotmail (now Outlook.com) too, so I wrote up some tips to help you out. If

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10 Tips for a Happy Life with Email

Email remains the most popular Internet communication method. Even as we witness the evolution of the Net on what seems like a weekly basis, email remains very much unchanged in its technology and importance in our everyday computing lives. Conversations may be taking place entirely within Facebook or Twitter these days, but still it is your email that defines who you are in the cloud. Everyone needs to have an email. Its more important than having a credit card. Without an email address, your are nobody. The future of email of email appears to hold little change. Although spam filtering

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PDF Files for Improved Document Exchange

I’m a Mac user. The type that really wants to keep anything Microsoft off of my Mac. So when people send me Word or Excel files I turn to Open Office to read them. This works pretty well in most cases. However, when it comes to the more advanced content that Office can include, I’m never sure that what I am seeing is the same as what the author is seeing. Granted, I do have a PC with Office installed, but to move the file over takes a few extra steps I’d just as soon avoid. It sure would be

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How to Design Your Email Address

The look and feel of your main business email address is an important choice. I say main because most people who use email a lot have more than one email address. Your main address is the one you communicate with your important clients or customers with. It’s the one everyone knows you by. It’ll often be printed on a business card and listed in other made-for-human places to be read. A strangely formatted address makes it hard to remember and increases the likelihood of typos tremendously. Take some time to plan your address well.

cPanel Hosting Account Webmail

In my last post I talked about setting up Microsoft Outlook to connect to your domain email account. This works great if you’re at the office or have your computer with you when traveling, but what if you need to check your email from another computer? If your website and email is hosted here at Element Engage, or your host uses the same, highly common, cPanel web hosting platform, you can access your email from anywhere via Webmail. Here’s the two quick steps to get into your webmail from any computer:

Email Marketing in the Social Media Age

With all the attention on social media marketing for your business these days, I started wondering if email marketing is becoming a thing of the past. Web users have evolved to accept that much of the email that comes through is spam or a waste of their time. But if done well, email marketing is still easily one of the most effective ways to communicate with your existing and prospective customers. To email market effectively in these times of social media explosion, increasing privacy issues and customer trust hurdles, one needs to be very careful about how they go about

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