How to Enable WordPress Error Logging for Debugging

Bugs happen. When they do, error reporting is needed to squash them. Here is how to turn it on. Look for these line and/or add them to your WordPress wp-config.php file. This file is located in your WordPress home directory. Now, when things go bad for WordPress, you can see why by visiting this file:http://[your-website]/wp-content/debug.log Now go a step further and turn on PHP Error Reporting. Add this snippet next. This creates error logs in the folder that they’ve happened in. For WordPress theme and plugin issues, we generally are interested in this file: http://[your-website]/wp-content/error_log It’s important to point out

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Protect Login Page

This is a simple plugin that protects access to your WordPress website’s login page by intercepting the page request and requiring that a PIN number, up to 8 digits, be present in the URL. Without the proper PIN, no login form is displayed, just a simple message. This plugin will make it harder for hackers to get into your website. Once activated, you will access your login page like this…[your PIN goes here] IMPORTANT – DO NOT use this plugin if you require login access other than the main WordPress login page, such as the WordPress mobile app. Installation

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Simple File List and Uploader for WordPress

Simple File List is a basic file list with optional front-side uploader. The plugin provides an easy-to-integrate basic user interface allowing visitors, clients, customers, or associates to upload a file as well see a listing of those files (separate from the media library) if you choose. The list and/or the uploader can be turned on and off for the front-side of the website. You can show just the list, just the uploader, or both. You can also restrict uploading and/or viewing of the file list to only logged in users. For list management, there is a page in the administration area which always shows both. Here you can easily view, upload and delete files as needed.

Move Your Etsy Store to a New System

Had enough of selling on Etsy? Element Engage can help you migrate your Etsy Store to your own website. I’ve developed migration scripts that help make this daunting task go quickly. I’ll move your Etsy store to a WordPress-based E-Commerce website. You’ll be able to manage your products, orders and complete website content all by yourself, and with much more flexibility and less restrictions. Save money on listing and transaction fees. Let me migrate your Etsy store to your own website using your own domain name. Contact Me to Learn More