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Royalty Free Promotional Video Music

This week I was working on a video project where I had to set two different promotional videos to three different sound tracks each, using a variety of genres. Six videos total, all to be burned onto a looping DVD for in-store play. The single goal of this project is to appease store sales people. They get tired of listening to the same promo jingle and one-liners over and over again. If they get sick of your video, they will stop playing it. I guess I would too. I can remember working trade shows where the TV with too much volume down the aisle played the same theme song all day long. I wanted to go push it off its rickety table by the end of each day. Music can be torture if overplayed, so these videos needed to have a wide enough appeal and just-catchy-enough melodies to keep them playing in the stores.

Because these are in-store point-of-purchase videos, the music had to be legally sound and professionally done. In these days of the RIAA and all of the music sharing issues you cant use just any music. Fortunately there are some great resources on the internet for us.

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