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Protect Login Page

This is a simple plugin that protects access to your WordPress website’s login page by intercepting the page request and requiring that a PIN number, up to 8 digits, be present in the URL. Without the proper PIN, no login form is displayed, just a simple message. This plugin will make it harder for hackers to get into your website.

Once activated, you will access your login page like this…[your PIN goes here]

IMPORTANT – DO NOT use this plugin if you require login access other than the main WordPress login page, such as the WordPress mobile app.


To install, simply upload the plugin zip file to your WordPress website and activate it. Configure the simple settings in the new menu that will appear in your Settings menu. Explanations of each feature accompany the inputs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I log in once the PIN is set?

A: To log in, just add the PIN value to your WordPress login page URL, like so:

Q: Do I have to add this PIN to the URL each time?

A: Yes, but if you set yourself a bookmark your life will be much easier.

Q: Why did you develop this plugin. Isn’t the login protection itself good enough.

A: Maybe, but I got tired of seeing all of the malicious login attempts in my server logs. I decided to come up with a way to stop this.

Q: What happens if I lose my PIN?

A: If you lose your PIN you will not be able to log into your website. Deactivate the plugin in the database (wp_options.eePLP_STATE = ‘OFF’) or rename the plugin’s folder in your files. You may also contact me for a rescue PIN.


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Simple Certain Time to Show Content

This plugin does one simple thing very well. At a time of your choosing show or hide anything enclosed within this shortcode tag:

[[eeSCTSC]]Your content here[[/eeSCTSC]]

  • Set the days of the week and the time of the day to show or hide what’s inside the tags.
  • Set the proper timezone.
  • The content inside the shortcodes can be anything, from a simple message on the page, to a whole Page, Post or Text Widget.
  • Optionally show alternate content (text or HTML) when the main content is not showing.
  • Can be used on a Page, Post in a Text Widget, or in a theme file with do_shortcode()


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Simple Facebook Meta Tags

Simple Facebook Meta Tags is an ultra-simple, lightweight WordPress plugin that easily fixes poor appearance of shared links to your web pages on Facebook. It requires no setup or configuration, and there is no admin dashboard page. All the proper values are gathered automatically.


This plugin automatically places the most relevant Facebook Open Graph (OG) meta tags into the head section of your web pages.

1. og:site_name = Your website’s title
1. og:url = The link to the current page
1. og:title = The title of the current page
1. og:type = The type of the website; website (Page) or blog (Post or Index)
1. og:description = The first three sentences of the page’s Post content
1. og:image = a link to the most relevant image.

The image chosen is…

1. The Featured Image, or if none…
1. The first Content image, or if none…
1. A default image you upload to your server’s home directory named “facebook_default_image” (.jpg or .png), or if none…
1. The site theme’s custom logo, or if none…
1. The custom header image, or if none…
1. No image meta tag will be output.

The code output looks like this…


1. Upload the plugin folder to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory
1. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress



Frequently Asked Questions

How can I preview what my page will look like when shared on Facebook?

Use the page debugger tool here…

You can use this to adjust your page and then re-check it until it looks the way you want.


I’m not impressed. Why doesn’t the result look like it should?

Make sure you don’t have another plugin, like Jetpack, adding Open Graph tags too.


How can I force the link preview and/or image to be different from the page content?

Put a <div> tag at the top of the content area with your text and image within. Then add the CSS style display:none; to the <div>. Now the <div> won’t display on the page, but the meta tags will use this content.

For example:

<div style=”diplay:none;”>
Sentence one. Sentence two. Sentence three.
<img src=”myimage.png” />

Begin page content…

= How can I ask a question? =

Please contact me here.

= Can I add Twitter tags and others too? =

No, but I can for you. Please contact me.


= 1.3 =
* Initial Release to Public

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WordPress Plugin – EE Contact Form

EE Contact Form is a simple yet solid email contact form system. This is not a custom form maker. There is a limited set of text input fields, which you may choose to show, require and change the default label.

There is also an option for including a file with the message, spam and word filtering options, and full control over who receives the mail, including CC and BCC capability. Extra effort has gone into reducing contact form spam and external tampering.

I’ve built this plugin primarily for my own use. Its straightforward setup, simple flexibility and difficulty for spambots to abuse makes me look good to my clients.

This website uses EE Contact Form. Try it out by sending me a message!

InstallationPackageIcon - Zip

To install, simply upload the plugin zip file to your WordPress website and activate it. Configure the simple settings in the new menu that will appear in your sidebar. Explanations of each feature accompany the inputs.

To add the plugin to your website, simply add the shortcode found on the main configuration page.


Styling over-rides are very simple as well and this plugin attempts to let your existing site’s styles do much of the work.

After first activation, the database will contain a single new row in the options table, option-name: [[eeContactForm]], containing a short pipe delimited string to store the plugin settings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why did you go and build another contact form?

A: To be honest, I have developed this for use on the many websites I manage. I could not find a plugin that suited me, so I made my own.

Q: What if I have trouble? Will you help?

A: Yes, to the very best of my ability. Please contact me with any issues: [email protected]

Q: Can I customize the look?

A: Yes, the CSS is easily over-ridden, making it easy for anyone with CSS knowledge to customize the page design.

Q: Can I customize the function of the system?

A: Yes, you are free to modify the PHP. The coding is commented well, so it should be easy to figure out what’s going on. Contact me with questions.

Q: What is the maximum upload file size?

A: This is a setting that you choose in the file configuration. The initial default is 10Mb. The absolute maximum size will depend on your hosting setup. which is automatically detected.

Download the Plugin

This is a beta release and not yet published on Come back here for new versions until then.